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A month ago, my wife and I had a baby boy. She and I had been having problems since before my son was born. Now that we had our son, she doesn't let me take him anywhere. I would like to take him to visit my side of the family. He is the first grandson on my side of the family and my mother has only seen him twice. She dislikes my family, and makes excuses for when my mother and father want to come over and visit. What are my rights to my son? Can I take him for a couple of hours to visit my family if, even if she gets mad?

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A FATHER'S RIGHTS ARE THE SAME AS THE MOTHERS. I want to stress this as much as I can, I get questions every week, please help me espouse this to the general public, Unless a court has ruled otherwise, a father and a mother are equal in the eyes of the law in Texas, they have the same rights, the same duties and the same obligations. I know women have worked very hard to promote the myth that a mother is somehow superior in the eyes of the law or has more rights, nothing is further from the truth. You are equal under the law unless and until a court rules otherwise. If you want to take your child to visit your family, you are legally entitled to do so. Keep in mind, legally entitled, does not mean Mom will agree, nor does it mean she will give you any peace at home afterward, those are separate issues, but if you are worried about her calling the police, let her. The police will simply tell her you are the father, and unless she has something from the Judge saying otherwise, you can take your son to see Grandma. More likely than not, the officer will say this is a civil and/or domestic issue and that they two of you need to work it out or go to a judge to get it worked out.
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Replied: 8/2/2011
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