What are my rights regarding financial support from my divorced spouse? Posted on July 16, 2011

My mother's ex is not abiding by their divorce decree in 2 ways, first it was agreed he would pay 700 a month. He is always up to a month late in paying, sometimes not paying the whole amount and sometimes not at all. The second problem is her ex had asked to pay 20% of his income instead of a higher monthly amount fir support my mom wanted. She agreed to this and it was part of the divorce agreement. he made one payment of 20% fir 2 days of his work (her check from him was like $150) and has not paid since it’s been 3 years since the divorce and he still has 2 more years of payments. She is afraid to go back to court because he works overseas and had threatened to disappear in the past. He does have 2 houses in another state (TN). He already has changed all contact no she had for him and has not returned any attempts in 2 years to contact him to resolve this. Should I file a motion to show cause and somehow try to attach settlement to be properties? Has a consultant for a company so I don’t know if I can get a garnishment on that or not. She lives off the 700 he sends and is disables so she needs the money and with it late so much usually half of what he sends goes to bank fees because automatic paid bills bounce. Any help would be appreciated.

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