What are my rights if my wife is holding my sons hostage and won’t let me see them? 1 Answers as of March 21, 2017

I have a serious situation and a question regarding a child custody issue that I desperately need help with. First, I’ll give a little background information, so you may understand my situation. My wife left me in July of 2016 and took our two sons aged 2 and 3 with her. She, out of the blue, said I don't love you anymore, took her things, and our sons and left. I was completely devastated at the time and made every attempt to try to work things out and save our family. She was dictating to me when I could see our sons in the beginning only allowing me to have them when it was convenient to her. I didn't make a big deal out of it because I was still able to see my sons, even if it was not regularly, and I believed that there was still a chance we might work things out. This situation lasted until around September 2016. I found out that she was on a popular online dating website, and had been for some time. At that point, it was over between us. I told her that since she had intentions of trying to save our marriage, until we could file for divorce, I wanted to make an agreement regarding our sons and the time we each have them. It took a lot of back and forth fighting between us but we did come to an agreement. Since then, we both had been keeping to the agreement. Even with the constant insults and fighting back and forth, the children haven't been involved or have witnessed any of it. That changed this week. She has told me that I will never see my sons again. She is keeping my sons from me maliciously out of anger, hatred and spite. She said that a judge has to make her let me see them. She has told me that she will not let me see them unless I have a court order. She has told my sons’ daycare provider, the grandparents, her co-workers, friends and everyone else who will listen that if I try to contact my sons to call the police. She has told them that I am mentally unstable and will hurt my sons.

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Replied: 3/21/2017
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