What are my rights if I am not the biological father? Posted on April 28, 2011

My wife and I have been married for 3.5 years and 7 months ago she gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. We have been married the entire time and consider ourselves a healthy family unit and we both love our daughter more than anything in this world. Recently, it was brought to my attention (because she didnt want to lie about it anymore) that potentially I am not the bio-father. She had a brief 3-4 week affair that she regrets and is now making amends for it. I have maintained that she is my daughter no matter what, and that the results of the DNA test will not diminish my fatherly love for our daughter, or love for my wife, for that matter. Here's the problem...in trying to disprove his paternity, she and potential bio-dad agreed to a DNA test that she now says she thinks may work against us. He insists that if he is the father, that there is no room for me in her life, and thinks that breaking up our family would be in our daughter's best interests. My daughter and I share a bond that is like no other that I have ever experienced (never married before, no kids before this) and she is a daddy's girl through and through. I was open to him playing a limited role in her life if proven to be the bio-dad, but now he is making statements that lead us to believe that this will only bring turmoil in her/our lives. He is currently experiencing minor money troubles and probably can't afford a lawyer, but I want to be prepared. I never wanted to keep him from her if he is the bio-dad, until now that he is threatening that he wants to be the sole father figure. What rights do I have in trying to maintain our family that wants to push forward as a healthy cohesive family unit?

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