What are my rights concerning noise levels on a property? Posted on July 15, 2011

A person living off of my ally in Chicago keeps on complaining about the noise of our garage door. It is a roll up gate garage door that does make some squeaking sound when open and closed. Nothing as dramatic as my neighbor says. We have greased the door but with the normal weather elements it eventually starts to squeak again. The door is opened and closed maybe 6 times a day. It appears that the neighbor has now hired a lawyer about this issue. We have had no other complaints from that building besides the one lady who's condo window is right off of the ally, which by our door. I took a sound reading and it is between 60-70 decibels, which is within the Chicago noise ordinance. Can she really sue us for a noise that is not constant or extremely loud? She seems to have made it an issue and her lawyer has said that we need to stop using our garage door, which I find unacceptable as we have had our cars broken into when it was previously left open because of her complaints. What are my rights in regard to this issue and can I file any type of harassment charges against this person? I thank you for your time and any assistance.

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