What are my rights as a renter of a house that is being foreclosed on? Posted on February 21, 2011

I have been renting a house since October 2010 in Virginia. I found out in December that the mortgage is not being paid by landlord. I have received notices on the door that are for the "occupant/tenant" with an 800 number that is Chase Home Finance. Chase will not give me any info other than they are attempting to collect a debt and I need to have the loan holder contact them immediately. I have forwarded all mail and notices addressed to the landlord that I have received at the rental house to the landlord. The last mail I received addressed to the landlord was from a law office. My question is what are my rights as far as being evicted? We have paid the rent by check on time every month. I understand I have a legal contract with t5he landlord so I know I need to hold up my end of the contract but I am not sure how much longer he will own the house since Chase will not give me any information. Can I be held liable for anything if I just move out and stop paying rent. I should also add that the house is a vacation home for my landlord and he has never lived here. There was not a mailbox when I moved in until I put one up so I thought it was weird when I started getting mail and UPS deliveries for the landlord. Thanks for your help.

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