What are my rights against my offender? Posted on June 02, 2011

I have a 5 month old baby. His dad and I have never been married or lived together. While I was pregnant, I caught him with another woman and left him, now the other woman is also pregnant (kids will be 6 months apart). Him and I were still sleeping together, but he was still with her. She found out. She contacted me and wanted to talk because she was leaving him and wanted to make sure our kids would still know each other after she confronted him. Her and I went to lunch and talked, she already knew everything. Later she told him she was leaving him and that her and had lunch. He came to my house. Told me if the door wasn't locked he was going to bash my head in and take our son where ever he wanted and he hated me. He continued that night (calling) telling me he was going to bash my head in and take our son. The next morning got a order of protection for me and my son. He has texted, called and left voice mails on my cell. This was all done before he got served. I have not responded or talked to him since filed. We have a court date for June 14th to finish the order of protection. I have never stopped him from seeing his son, but I have never let him take him anywhere because he does drugs. I don't want my son around that. I still want him to see his son but with supervision. Now his sister has told me he is getting a lawyer to get visitation. Do need a lawyer also? What are his chances since had to get a order of protection for me and my son? Does this judge need to know about his drug use? Since he has been served he drives by my house and floors his engine as if he is threatening me. Does that need to be reported? He moved right next to my mother a month ago, does this mean can't go to my mothers? He is also saying that my mother will never get to be around my son alone ever again because of her prior felony and because she drinks. But she has never been around him alone while she has been drinking.

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