What are my options for recovering a deposit? Posted on March 16, 2011

A real estate agency/broker forged my signature on a document that stated that they were allowed to keep a $500 deposit if I stopped using them as a broker. They had helped me put in an application on an apartment, but the application was rejected and I then moved on to a different company to help me find an apartment. I have a signed copy of a different document saying the deposit was supposed to be returned if the deal fell through, but they later supplied this forged document saying they could keep the money. This all happened in mid-2008, but I did not realize the document was forged until mid-2010. The particular broker I used now works for a different company. This was in New York City if that makes a difference. I would like to at least get back my $500 (unless I am somehow entitled to more). What are my options? Should I first try to approach the broker I used at her new company, or contact the company I worked with even though the broker is no longer there?

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