What are my options for dealing with felony drug charges in Texas? Posted on March 08, 2011

My friend recently was arrested with the following charge:MAN DEL CS PG 2 >=1G DRUG FREE ZONE. Police discovered paraphenelia in the living room of the apartment after responding to reports of marijuana use. As my friends had all left, the cops waited for a return. After dropping off his other friend to the apartment, the cops were still there. The cops then made my friend's girlfriend call him and tell him to come back, but not to say that they were still there or she'd get in trouble for interfering with a criminal investigation. When my friend returned they demanded to search his room but he would not consent. The police then said that the sargeant was coming and would get to search anyway, and he then consented to the search. The cops found over 10 ecstasy pills, greater than 1g but less than 4g, and was arrested for Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 2 in a Drug Free Zone. What are the options and possible outcomes? My friend is also worried about losing his scholarship and housing at College.

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