What are my chances of losing custody of my child? Posted on April 14, 2011

I have full custody of my son. I met my son mother at a public place to see our son which she has not seen in over 2 years. After her being in the building about a minute she starts to fight on me and pushes me. Then she sees my gun on my waist and talks trash about that. My wife called the police and the manager on duty. I am a concealed gun license holder. When the police arrived she told the police I asssalted her wih my gun and I got charged with aggravated assault to a family member because my gun was on me. The police did not ask me what happen nor my family that was with me. Their were no witnesses but my family. She recently went to court to get a restraining order against me a told a whole new story from the police report. My attorney was present for this and cault her in numerous of lies. He will get the transcripts to prove she is nothing but a lier. The only reason she wants a restrining order because she wants to use it in family court. She has recently committed welfare fraud in 2 states and the other state that has the welfare fraud she has a warrant for her arrest for a felony marijauna convition. She has no stable home and has 1 child and another on the way all by different dads. I have had my son for almost 3 years and she has not once offer to help me with anything or even sent anything for his birthday and xmas or nothing. I always tried to be cool with her due to us having a child but because she does not like my wife she said we can never be friends. I have messages fro her cursing me and my wife out and messages when I asked her to met me at a police station she told me I was trying to set her up. I have a police report to where she threaten to kill me and my wife. I even asked her to sign up at a supervised safe program and she stated no. I was trying to be nice and keep her in my son life if she wanted but now it has got me a pending criminal convictions. I have no priors not even a traffic ticket.

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