What are the laws regarding landlord and tenant leases and errors on the lease? Posted on July 08, 2011

In the case of re-signing a lease due to landlord error, must a landlord provide what was verbally agreed to before signing the original lease, even though I haven't moved in yet? They now claim only renovated units ($600/mo) have a washer and dryer, even though immediately before I signed the lease for an unrenovated ($550/mo) unit they told me it did have w/d. I even checked the specific unit out months ago and called them repeatedly for about a week, because I didn't see a dryer vent outside like most of the others. They refused to allow a walkthrough before the unit was 'ready' but a second and third employee reassured me that I would have a w/d. I was finally placated and two months later one of them finally realizes their mistake but want to re-sign with a different rate in addition to switching units are they now required to put me in a unit with w/d (even if that means renovated) for $550 a month, like what I was told I was getting when I stopped looking for a place and closed the book on their competitors?

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