What are the consequences of a probation violation? Posted on July 23, 2011

So my only probation "violation" is that I did not report to my PO. I called her 3 days prior to our appointment to inform her I had to reschedule. I understand it's my responsibility to get a hold of her but I was busy working full time and fulfilling other probation obligations. She phoned me screaming how I was in violation and making poor progress on my probation. I went to her office immediately the next day to meet with her as I'd finally heard back. I've completed: The victim impact panel 60 of my 100 hours community service. 10 risk education class hours 20 hours group sessions 1 out of 6 (once a month sessions) of aftercare. This is the only appointment I've missed I still have 6 months to comply everything. This DUI is the only blemish on my record other than a speeding ticket in 2005. What can I expect to be further punished with? Or is it a formality for the judge to make sure I'm getting this stuff done.

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