What actions should I take if my neighbor refuses to restrain their dog? Posted on May 17, 2011

There is a wood slat fence on my side of property line. The neighbor with dog has no fence. Offered to share 2/3 cost of 25-year warranty vinyl fence directly on property line they refused. Dog has come through when section touching ground rots or their bougainvillea branches cause a slat to pop off. Questions: 1 = who is responsible for fencing in the dog to protect me, my 101+ father-in-law, my Grandson? 2 = as the dog has tried to bite me before after entering my yard forcing me to remain inside my house etc., what action may I take against the dog or neighbor {I today installed the last of the extra for repair slats I had bought for repair of typhoon charley} should the dog come back into my yard as the neighbor refuses to put up their own fence such as chain link to restrain their dog. My fence is a slat essentially for privacy not to restrain their dog. {When the bougainvillea popped a slat off my wife reported being able to see them nude showering next to their back yard pool. I do not need to see that and don't want my grandson seeing it either. So what actions can I take?

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