Were our civil rights abused? Posted on July 20, 2010

A neighbor called the police to our house because my wife was drinking and yelling at the dog. I had taken an Ativan to go to sleep and had not been drinking myself. My wife woke me up with the yelling at the dog and the neighbors must have heard and called the police. Shortly after all the commotion woke me up, the police arrived. They told me to step out on the porch and patted me down while my wife was in the house and being hand cuffed.

While the police were talking to me, I was not very alert because of the Ativan I had taken and they kept asking me to press domestic violence charges against my wife. I refused, but they took her off to county jail for the night. I posted bond for her the following morning. I am not sure what I told them while they kept questioning me. My wife did nothing wrong and was in our house when arrested.

Could they have arrested her? Or were our rights abused since all she had been doing was drinking and being loud, and she hadn’t committed domestic violence? Does the fact that I wasn't completely alert matter? What should I do? We live in Texas.

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