Was my arrest for domestic violence legal? Posted on February 18, 2011

I was in a domestic dispute with my spouse and when the police were called I was arrested because of probable cause they found against me which was minimal and she wasn't arrested at the same time but a week later. She got 5 charges against her and the probable cause to arrest her that night was overwhelming. She tried to run me over and the car which was in the snow bank with my tracks leading away from to point of impact. There were my statements as well as eye witnesses that saw her punch me in the face, push me down and drop kick me it the face. She didn't have a mark on her accept for a swollen ankle from kicking me so hard and my eye had already started to swell up and I was having trouble keeping it open. Do you know of any cases that police held off an arrest so they could extract more information without giving the person in question the right to remain silent or to speak to an attorney?

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