Was I wrongfully terminated from my job? Posted on July 25, 2011

About 10 or 12 years ago I was fired from the city because of a accident in the garbage truck and had to take a drug test.The last day before a lay off and I had just got my cdl license the day before, had never been trained too drive the route, and It was about 95 degrees that day in a garbage truck with and all those hydraulics,and no air conditioner, so I had drank alot of water.After the accident I had to take a drug test! The last day before the lay off and my first time driving the truck. I would go down there all the time for 2 years asking when they were gonna need someone!They would say won't be long the big men said this! I didn't know how long for someone to retire,or how long it might be before I was called back, because around here there is no better place to work!They call you back when any department has a opening once you are hired full time.It took about 2 years before something came open and I had the highest seniority of the 2 laid off! They called my buddy back also we were the only two who got laid off he had only been hired like a month before the layoff.They called him back through a temp service and worked him for 7 or 8 years hiring people before him and like me he knew once your permanent with the city you get the next job available and he didn't sue either and they finally hired him last year!When it came time for them to put me back to work they called and said for me to go to the court house to speak with the commissioner over the city and he said that my supervisor said my drug test came back and it was too clean, that nothing at all showed up, and the results just said diluted!Then he accused me of putting water in the sample? I asked what does too clean mean that makes no sense,and how can you dilute urine, and he said you drank too much water so you could pass the test or you put water in the urine. I explained that I had drank a lot of water because it was 95 degrees in a garbage truck with no heater and all those hydraulics!

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