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Recently myself and a friend had pulled over on a wildlife management area to smoke a cigarette. I was the driver and we were in an off road vehicle. My 2 other friends were in a jeep, and pulled over to join us. As we're standing there, a game warden pulls up and the guy driving the jeep threw a joint 15 feet behind where I'm parked, at the edge of the clearing. The game warden walks up to us and says my vehicle is on WL management land, which is basically a traffic violation. Then he pointed over to the joint on the ground and asked who it belonged to. I told him I do not smoke and it is not mine. The other 3 were silent. The game warden said if no one claimed it, we would all get charged with it, and we got charged. He then began searching us and found a narcotic pain pill in my pocket and charged me with that also. Just a few days ago in court, the officer who charged me told my attorney he was very sure I had nothing to do with the weed, and that charge will be dropped. Now, since he admits that he is sure I didn't have any part of the weed found, would this discredit his reason to have even searched me in the first place, before he found the pill? Basically I'm asking: did he have reason to search me since he now says I didn't have part in it? He asked no other questions when I told him the weed was not mine.

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Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
This is a funny question. Funny haha. You have an attorney. Why are you not asking your attorney? For the same reason that Honda drivers always want Mercedes drivers to drive to the restaurant. You hired an attorney based on price, now you want (better yet need) another, more experienced attorney to put your mind at ease. You get what you pay for, ask your attorney.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 7/25/2013
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