Was I harassed at work? Posted on March 22, 2011

In Nov.2010 I had a conversation with my regional manager. He mentioned to me that the big bosses were not happy with me. I asked why and he replied I need to at a double increase by the year end. 2 weeks after I asked to speak to him. I again asked why and he told me the same answer and that I shouldn't be telling you this but you should go out and look for another job. I've been so stressed out knowing I have to go out and look for another job. I began having anxieties, dizziness and headaches. I visited my doctor and it showed my blood pressure was really high. I explained to him why and he decided to put me out on disability until my health gets better. I was out for 3 months. Every month I have to call my boss and let him know that I will be staying out another month. As I talked with him he would say "you didn't find a job yet". I would feel so stressed out. So this happened for 2 months until it was my third month and I was OK to back to work. When I called him to let him know he said "do you want to quit and don't have it on your record or do you want to get fired and have it your record". I am to show up on Monday but 1 of my sales associates sent me a text saying that the manager from another store is taking my position. I confronted him, he replied everyone talks on facebook don't believe it. Since I've been back he hardly communicates with me. He makes my schedule and expects my managers under me to communicate with him , like I'm not there. Would this be considered harassment?

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