The hospital refused to let me see my husband because his Mother told them to Posted on February 22, 2011

After my husband attempted to O.D. I called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. I had to wait on my school age kids to get home before I could go so I asked his mom to go until I got there not wanting him to be alone. When I arrived I was told I could not see him because his mom was with him . I repeatedly went to the desk crying and asking to see him because my kids were in the care of my 16 year old and I didnt want him to think I abandoned him. Finally after 3 hours they asked his mom if I could go back after begging I was allowed 5 minutes then was told to leave. They refused me a pin number and said I would have to ask his mom who was blaming me and refused to give it to me I have been repeatedly denied information and treated by hospital staff like a criminal. He has even come to and said I would not hurt him but still no help I am a wreck and love my husband with all my heart can the hospital treat me like that?

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