Should we file a motion to enforce it and can we get her to come get him without getting the courts involved? 1 Answers as of April 23, 2017

My husband (non-custodial parent) has a court order for him to pick up his son for visitation and for his ex (custodial parent) to pick up son after visitation. They live an hour away from each other. That responsibility hasn't been exercised from his ex's end. She refuses to pick their son up at the father’s location, which is an hour away. First excuse was, through a text. I just got out of the hospital, if you can't drop off my son forget coming to get him. I mean, the audacity? This is who we're dealing with. She's gotten her son to be on her side to where he's asking his dad when is he going to drop him off knowing his mother is supposed to pick him up. What can we do? She's going to waste everybody's time with not abiding to the court order.

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The best way to handle the situation is a return to court for compliance. You may also benefit by participating in This is a program that is one point of contact for all communications concerning the child. The court can access this information as can Family Court services to see if compliance is taking place. Another option that complements the above is participating in co-parenting counseling.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 4/23/2017
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