Should I take my ex to court for slandering me on Facebook? 1 Answers as of April 26, 2016

I divorced in 1999. My children are now 15 and 19. I took my ex to court in 2005 for child support and visitations. Since he can't keep a job and never knows what state he will be working in, he was denied visitations on a regular basis. It was to be set between the 2 of us which I always did. He would call at 4pm on the evening. He would want them and they would go. Since he couldn't keep a job and the state couldn't keep up with his job hopping, we agreed he would pay cash weekly for support which he has done. Over the years, my children would smell pot on him during their visits. During my daughters first year of college, she would stay at his house a few nights a week because of the drive. One afternoon, she showed up at lunch and he was smoking pot. My daughter went off on him and said he's done it for years and he wasn't going to stop. She never went back. Two years ago, I found out through a friend that he was busted in another state with syringes and steroids. I am not sure want became of that case. Last year, he came to pick up my son who was 14 at the time. My son came home that night shaking and crying saying he pulled up to a house and people were carrying glass things which he said looked like bongs or something and drove 100 mph on the way home. I called the police and they said they couldn't do anything. It was months before he saw him again. January 2016, my 19 year old posted her thoughts on Facebook about him. I found out and made her take it down. One week later, he turned off his phone and quit paying child support. February 2016, he randomly starting posting things on Facebook about me. They are lies, telling people I brainwashed my kids, always kept them from him, exaggerated how much he paid in support, said I cheated on him which I didn't, said I had abortions before our kids which I had 2 miscarriages and told people that I am evil. I am happily married with current husband now for almost 14 years. I believe he is dragging me through the mud because the kids are older now and have their eyes open to see for themselves.

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Replied: 4/26/2016
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