Should I get an attorney if I was in an accident caused by illegal motion? 2 Answers as of June 20, 2011

I was involved in an accident. I was on a motorcycle waiting to make a left turn. I waited out of oncoming traffic between the the other parties right turn only lane and oncoming traffic. This was an intersection which had a clearly marked solid white line, designated right turn only lane with bicycle lane markings also. The other party merged into the clearly marked designated right turn only lane. Instead of turning right, they came straight through the right turn only lane to try and get back into traffic and hit me. The other insurance company says it is my fault because I had to make sure they made their right turn first, but I was waiting for them to complete their right turn so I could make my left turn.(kind of like a sitting duck) I know it is a violation of code 22101 to not turn in a clearly marked designated turn lane. So they violated that code. They also had room to go around me on either side, that is why I do not believe they saw me. I called the police twice but they said since there were no serious injuries they would not come out. My insurance company believes it is their fault. Should I retain a lawyer?

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The Law Office of Harry E. Hudson, Jr.
The Law Office of Harry E. Hudson, Jr. | Harry E. Hudson, Jr.
See a personal injury attorney. DO NOT ARGUE with another's carrier. That is what your attorney is for.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 6/20/2011
Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn
Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn | H. Christopher Coburn
From the way you describe it it sounds to me like the other party is at fault. If you were injured I would see an attorney.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 6/17/2011
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