Should I be under the uniform relocation act? Posted on July 07, 2011

In regards to the "Uniform Relocation Act" - I was living in a city owned housing complex (moderate income), the management of this complex was taken over by a private property management firm 9still funded by state and/or fed $). The complex is under renovation, each duplex is being gutted and redone. When I went in for "re-determination", without even looking at my income statements etc. (which had not changed since the previous redetermination) I was told that I was not eligible to live there anymore and would have 90 days to be out. At this time I was also told that I was NOT eligible for ANY TYPE of relocation assistance that the other residents were getting. Approximately 1 week later, I was informed that rather than having 90 days, my building was next to be renovated and I actually had about 1 week to be out, I was told that I would be moved to a temporary home (another in the complex) for the remainder of the 90 days. I was still being told that I would not get any type of financial assistance. So, rather than move 2 times, I found an apartment to move to permanently. When I informed the management that I would rather move 1 time and just get out as soon as possible, they then told me that that being the case, they wo9uld give me $700 moving expense (which under the relocation act is way under the CT guideline of how much they were to pay-I don’t know where they got their figures from) and $1400 of the $2100 needed to move into my new home ($260.14 of which was my original security deposit). I was told that this amount was from some type of fund used for these federal/state-funded projects. After moving very quickly and losing 1/2 of my belongings, I received another call from them saying that they either missed completely or figured incorrectly the form that would make me eligible for relocation assistance under the uniform relocation act. They figured that I was owed $14,900, the difference in cost between to 2 apartments x 42 months. I received $2100.

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