Should I apply for a name change or proceed for N-400? Posted on March 18, 2011

My name is listed one way on my birth certificate, but my other records like school and marriage certificate, have ‘III’ behind it. (Example, John Smith III). I migrated to CA using one as my legal name (w/c is the name in my green card) and I used the other as my other name. This data are in immigration records. While I was in US, my family processed my birth cert. thru court hearings to have my legal name changed. I never gave USCIS a copy of my court documents to update my green card. Now that I'm eligible to file for N-400, should I pursue filing my naturalization with my legal name, and request for a name change? Will they issue me again a court documents for name change which will double the one from my foreign country of birth? Or, should I file for name change at USCIS to correct my name before applying for N400? I'm really worried because if I file my N400 with name change, it's like I did not inform the Homeland security about my name change from my foreign country. What would I do, please help.

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