Should the city utilities board be liable for the damage to my property? Posted on April 07, 2011

During a storm, lightning struck the city's pumps and they stopped working. Our house is down from the pumps in a dip, so all of the sewage going to those pumps drained towards our house. The pressure caused the pipe from our pump to come off, letting all the sewage drain into our pump. Although are pump continued to work, it was too much for it to handle. All of the sewage started coming up out of our basement toilet and shower. By the time it was stopped, there was about 3 inches of raw sewage standing in our basement. The city is saying that we have private sewage, so they are not liable for it. I understand that we have private sewage, but they allow us to have a line into theirs and charge us for sewage every month. Also, the only reason it happened is because their pumps stopped working. Everything on my property was in perfect working order, but couldn't handle the additional sewage draining down because of the malfunction of the city's pumps. Turns out we also do not have sewage backup coverage on our homeowners insurance. It is a separate rider that was never added to our policy.

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