s it legal for a collection agency to track our phones? Posted on January 15, 2011

I recently had my husbands phone account canceled and put into my own account because I received a better discount through my work. Two new phones were purchased and were to be added to my new account. They never were and my husband account remained opened till the phones were paid for. I was unaware that this happened because the salesman at the the phone company store assured me everything transferred. The last week of December I received a call from a collection agency in regards to the phones not being paid for. I was very upset because I had made two calls to the phone company wondering why my bill didn't reflect the cost of the two phones. I knew I owed for them but I wasn't going to pay for them until it showed on the bill. Now because of the holidays I was late on the installment by one week. The collection agency has since traced the numbers that my husband has made on his phone and they are harassing the people to find him. (I just made the payment today) What I want to know, is it legal for them to trace phone calls and harass these people?

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