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Ever since I had filed a complaint against a Police Officer in our community, I feel other officers have harassed me in our community. I have been stop and ticketed on several occasions. Our local Chief of Police has taken care of several of the tickets but recently I found out some information about him that could call his intent and past into question. After I spoke with him about this information I started getting stopped again. It got so bad that whenever I left my home I put my computer on a web site that broadcast the local law enforcement radio communications. On several occasions I would here my name called out to the other Officers that I was "out", and also I have heard my name ran in the Law Enforcement Data System for no reason. I addressed this issue to the Chief of Police, he assured me that he would speak to the Officers involved, but it continued. I was stopped the other day on a traffic stop; I intend to plead not guilty. To prepare to go to our Municipal Court I went to our local emergency communication center and through a public records request I requested a copy of communications between the officers prior to my stop and after my stop. When I got the CD I also received a copy of their Instant Messaging between the three officers involved. There was not much on the CD, but in the text copy of their Instant Messaging the Sgt announces to his two other officers that I was "out". One of the other officers messages back with "Great I have a citation for him, should I go ahead and push him over the edge? LOL” The Sgt messages back YES! Great push him over the edge; I bet ya he will be spinning afterward! LOL"
This Instant Messaging goes on more and continues to make light of me; and also laughing about me, some very unprofessional comments made.
I have lived where I live for over 11 years and until I made a complaint about one of their Officers I have never had any problem with our Police Department., I have a clear record.

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You need to talk to a civil rights lawyer. There is most likely some federal violation here it sounds like. You can also file a complaint with the State licensing board for police officers. Its not clear to me what state you're in, but if you're in Oregon, it's the BPST (Board of Police Standards and Training). We don't normally take civil rights cases, but can you tell me the police agency?
Answer Applies to: Oregon
Replied: 2/7/2011
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