What is the fastest way to get a divorce? 3 Answers as of March 09, 2012

We both agreed on the divorce, the splitting up of property and we both went to the court and filed the papers. I signed saying I was served. What is the fastest way for us to get the divorce finalized? Should I respond or should I just wait for a default hearing?

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Donaldson Stewart, PC
Donaldson Stewart, PC | Monica H. Donaldson Stewart
There are a couple different ways to complete the divorce, but either way there is a 60 day statutory waiting period (beginning the day after you accepted service) before the final documents can be submitted. I generally do not advise going by default because then you lose the opportunity to participate in the completion of the divorce process (plus, the other party has to go to a default hearing to make the divorce final). You don't necessarily have to file a Response, but you and the other party can submit a "consent decree" (after the 60-day mark) where you are both signing to confirm the terms of the divorce settlement. The consent decree can be submitted to the judge without the need for a hearing, and if the paperwork is properly completed, the judge usually signs within a matter of days. I recommend you consult with an attorney who can be a bit more specific about what this process would look like for you.
Answer Applies to: Arizona
Replied: 3/9/2012
Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas, PLLC
Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas, PLLC | Lenore Tsakanikas
Sixty days after the date of service, the two of you can file a Consent Decree for the Judge's signature this works if you agree on absolutely everything. If you do not agree on absolutely everything, you need to file a Response otherwise the other party will get everything they ask for in their Petition.
Answer Applies to: Arizona
Replied: 3/8/2012
Law Office of Robert D. Rosanelli
Law Office of Robert D. Rosanelli | Robert D. Rosanelli
If you both agree, there is no need to file a Response. Either both of you sign and approve of a Consent Decree or the Petitioner may appear in court for a default hearing. Either method would result in the fastest possible divorce.
Answer Applies to: Arizona
Replied: 3/8/2012
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