My employer terminated me on grounds of an employee manual I never saw, changed our agreement and now wont pay me? Posted on February 02, 2011

I was hired in Nov to be a contract closer for Title Company. He was upfront about the issues facing the company. (lawsuit for a previous closer who embezzled) Not able to get their own underwriter due to that. I have detailed notes from each meeting. He met with my husband and I to go over what my job would be, the compensation, training, hours. He said he was unable to pay me what our family needed for full time. I said I was not able to work full time until the pay could increase I would need to continue to run my own business. We had agreed that I would be paid contract closing in Dec then in Jan earn $2000 a mo base salary. Once I started he charged it to $1500 base. Wanting me in every day and do marketing. The training was sparse based on when the trainer had time, when there were things to train me on as the closings stopped coming in the first of the year. I daily asked for things to do and was told no work. I received partial pay for my closings in Dec. Still owed $250. In Jan. I was to be salaried, my first partial check was handwritten I had not been put on payroll yet. I never got my 2nd. He emailed and said I was terminated. On Mon 1/31 based on not being in for 3 days and not letting him know based on an employee handbook policy, never saw never given, did admit in writing he saw that I would be out Thu and Fri on my schedule. Then stated 2/1 that he would not pay me salary as I did not work 37.5 hrs which was also in said handbook. To get my compensation. I had to send him all the hours I worked and he would comp me based on that. No contract, I have all notes and emails from him. I worked hard for a man who changed what he agreed to many times. I asked for it in writing he would not do. I asked for mtg he said yes for 3 wks and avoided me also stating we would meet. he was too busy. He recruited me I did not apply for the job. Is a verbal agreement for services (Dec closings) and work performed for salary or do I wash my hands and next time get it all in writing?

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