Is this ticket unequal enforcement of the law (Zoning)? Posted on May 03, 2011

I received a ticket on my vehicle a few days ago about parking in the grass in front of my house. I was told that it was a zoning law so I did some research. The ordinance (city) states that the only allowed ground type for parking vehicles allowed in the city are "asphalt, sealcoat, brick pavers, gravel (only if grandfathered on property), or concrete. This is true for any type of property in the city (Industrial, Commercial, Residential, etc.) After doing some investigation I have found that at city hall there is an overflow parking lot on the city hall grounds for when court is in session that is grass. Not only that, but there are two signs (which I have pictures of the signs with city hall in the same view) that says "Overflow Parking On Grass." My question is, if the zoning law in the city says that you can only park a vehicle on concrete, asphalt, bricks, etc., and the city has an overflow parking lot on their own property which is grass, can my ticket become invalid since the city is not following it's own zoning law? Thank you for your time and effort.

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