Is this considered promotional discrimination? Posted on August 11, 2011

1.) I work for a transportation company on the rivers. There are guys working 28-28 & 28-14. This means you work 28 days on a vessel and your off 28 days. Then there is also the shift where you work 28 days and only have 14 days off. The company is trying to now make people wanting and have been working for 28-28 for years, change in the southern division because they claim in our VMG (Vessel Management Guide) that southern division boats are 28-14. Here's my question... They are now forcing 28-14 upon us, but this is not to effect the captains nor pilots. The captains & pilots can stay 28-28. They are just as much part of the vessel as the deck crew. Reason they will not force them is because then the wheel men would threaten to quit and the company doesn't want tied up boats. Its not like a warehouse where you can just hire anyone into that position. Is this discrimination or no?

2.) The company has hired in MANY people in at top pay for my job, yet when I ask for the promotion to be moved up to top pay, they tell me I have to fill out paper work and meet certain requirements. Also that I have to have a captain vouch for me and say that I should be. This has been told to every in house employee that has been with the company for years and doing the same job. Seems that we have to meet standards and be evaluated, YET the people they hire in at top pay do not have to. Before they step on a vessel they're at top pay. Without meeting the requirements that I have to, without a captains recommendation and without being evaluated. Is this not Promotional discrimination?

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