Is there mediation in a joint child custody schooling issue? Posted on January 07, 2011

I am wondering about the following: We have joint physical and legal custody of my step-son, his mother and we live in two different school districts. Initially we agreed he should go to her district because we believed it to be the better school, but he has been having behavioral problems at this school and the principal has been difficult to get a hold of and speak with and therefore we don't feel our childs best interests are being served at this district anymore. We have driven him back and forth half the week for the first semester and he is only in Kindergarten. We would like the mother to consider letting him attend our school district for the 2nd half of kindergarten to see if he does better in a smaller school environment. She would not have to drive him to school as bussing is available for her to our school district and she is refusing to even consider this option. We feel this is very unfair that we have driven him to school believing it to be in his best interest, but she won't even consider changing schools even though it will not inconvenience her at all in regards to driving him to and picking him up from school. Her main reason for wanting to keep him at that school is that his older brother attends there - but he has also had issues at that school. We have a daughter who attends our district so our son would still be going to school with a sibling in our district. We don't want to change custody, we just wondered if there was some kind of impartial mediation to help with this issue, so that we feel our side is being fairly heard and considered.

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