Is there a legitimate chance whatsoever that a judge is going to okay a warrant based on a single person’s accusations? 1 Answers as of September 30, 2017

I am a service technician who is in and out of customer’s homes every day. I serviced a specific customer’s refrigerator and was working on the bottom of the fridge in the back of the unit while he was present the entire time. He has called my work and the sheriff's office almost a week later stating that a handgun was stolen by me off the top of his refrigerator. I don't have any knowledge of a handgun nor did I have an opportunity to steal one if there was one to begin with. They have no evidence except his claim that there is a missing gun and the fact that I was in his home from the service receipt. He has called my work threatening me by talking to my supervisor, saying that if I brought it back by 5 o clock, he wouldn't unleash hell on me or something to that extent. I don't have anything to bring this man. He also contacted the sheriff's office who contacted me by phone. I immediately told the sheriff I had no information for him regarding the issue and wouldn't be answering any more questions without an attorney. He told me that in that case he was going to have to submit for a warrant to the prosecutor to bring me in for questions. So now I'm extremely worried I'm being set up. Are they just using their best tactics to attempt to scare me into giving a gun back that I don't have, as the only method of generating an actual case? He told my supervisor to tell me to put the gun under a flower pot on his patio, which he would obviously video record, proving it was me. I'm not wanting to be strung up for something I didn't do.

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Don't get caught up in the hype. If they really think it's legit, then a prosecutor will seek a warrant. If they don't think it is winnable, then they won't. You will only need a lawyer if you are charged. Continue to say nothing and let them ponder their next move.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 9/30/2017
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