Is there a chance that I will be granted supervised visitation? Posted on January 18, 2011

My husband use to threaten me that he would get full custody of our son if I leave him. When I decided to leave him over four months ago, his held my son in his parents house and would not allow me to take him. I had to call a police for help, because his family was getting into my face and threaten me that I won't get my son. From there I moved in with my mother, who came from Maryland to help me get out of the abusive relationship.

After being threatened my husband and his family, I held on to my son for three weeks until I could get legal help. I also got plunged into the Family Justice Center here in San Antonio, TX. My husband told a lot of lies in court and even got friends from his church to come in court and back up is claims. Since the temporary hearing I have gathered a lot of solid evidence that will prove that their claims are lies. I also gathered a lot of evidence that proves that my husband is controlling and abusive. His also partied a lot during my pregnancy and after. He has a mental illness that he refuses to take meds for. I also had gathered sold evidence of these things.

Just recently, I found out that my husbands father is a registered sex offender since 1999. I did say in court that I was aware of Domestic Violence in his family (his father use to beat his mother and be over controlling) I told the judge that I am seeking divorce to break the cycle of abuse, but I would never dream that his father was a sex offender! Now that I look back on things my in-laws would say. I believe that the victim was my husbands sister, who was 16 years old at the time. The same age of the victim on the criminal record. My husband painted my family to be the dysfunctional family with a sex offender in it. On the trust that it is his family. He refuses to stop bringing my son around his parents even though the court ordered it. What are my chances of getting supervised visitation granted for my husband in the final hearing?

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