Is there anything that can be done about this other than filing a complaint and getting the owner/company fined? Posted on January 13, 2011

My wife, who is pregnant, works for a small company at an office building where the owner's father comes into the workplace and smokes in the owner's office. However, the smoke spreads out to the rest of the office building, and she is affected by it. The owner's father does not care. People have complained a little before, but when nothing is done, they do not act further because they don't want a bad reputation and/or lose their job. Specifically for my wife, they have moved her to a corner location next to the entrance door for better ventilation, but that is all. In the past, another employee who was pregnant and has given birth already, was moved to another area as well, but that was all that was done as well. Because of this, she has told the company that she wants to quit.

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