Is a social media request a violation of order of protection? 1 Answers as of May 27, 2014

I have an order of protection against an ex neighbor of mine, who was evicted a week and a half ago. The charges against her were harassment in the 2nd and the judge granted a full OP on her. At a later court date (4 days ago), her charges were ACD but the OP is still in place (for a year). Today she sent me a friend/follow request on a social media sight (Instagram) and I was wondering if this violates the Order of protection, and if so what will happen with the ACD? 2 minutes after receiving the friend request, I left my home in my car to go to the store. She was in another vehicle sitting at the stop sign 15 feet away from my home, and she stared at me until I made it all the way down the street and out of view. After being evicted, she went a town over about 20 minutes away where her family is. There is no other reason she'd be on this side of town. Thank you.

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An attorney would need to see the exact terms of the order of protection, which you should have received a copy of. Most orders say no contact by electronic means so I think that a friend request is contact, assuming it can be proven that she sent the request and not someone with access to her account. Ultimately, it's up to the police and/or prosecutor to make a determination if the acts violate the order after you report it. You can contact the prosecutor who handled the original case and ask her opinion.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 5/27/2014
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