Is my neighbor liable for my pets injuries? Posted on July 29, 2011

After walking my dog I went to talk to my neighbor sitting in her garage. I was standing with my dog in the driveway and her dog approached us to "say hi". Typically her dog is not on a leash but the condo association was enforcing the leash rule so he was on a tie out. He was not under direct control of the owner. She was sitting in a chair without control of the tie out. After standing there for a short amount of time her dog starting attacking my dog and nearly killed him. She has paid a small monetary contribution for the vet bills. There are hundreds of dollars that she has not covered and was not willing to commit to a repayment plan of any sort. This week I have witnessed her dog off leash three separate occasions. I tried to speak with her about it this afternoon and she did not handle the situation well. Should I pursue legal action? Should I look to receive repayment of vet bills or also lost work time, pain / suffering (losing sleep, nightmares, inability to take the dog around other dogs out of fear, etc.)? I am not sure if it makes a difference if the neighbor is currently unemployed and struggling financially.

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