Is it possible for a relative to get custody of a child? Posted on July 19, 2011

My Aunt married my Dad, while they were together we talked about my Dad getting custody of me. Well now they aren't together, but I don't want to live with my dad. My mama has alochol problem, I keep asking her to stop and she does for a little but then starts back up. I'm tired of living with her she drives me insane and makes me feel horrible about my self. I use to cry myself to sleep every night, and now I just block her out. She has guys come in and out of mine and my sisters life, and when she does have a boyfriend she forgets about us, like this weekend she is going to the beach with her boyfriend and his bestfriend and pushin me and my sister off on someone else. She told us we can't go because its her and her boyfriend. She goes to the bar, and spends 60 70 dollars and then complains when me or my sister wants something, and complains when we aint got money. She comes home 12:00,1:00,2:00 in the morning drunk and loud as heck. She gets mad when me or my sister makes a mistake even my sister agrees that she expects us to be perfect. She got mad today cause she said my sister is going through stuff and I was like well my life isn't a walk in the park either and she called me a spollied brat(which I'm not ask anyone). She always is calling me ungrateful and that I'm never happy. She has the last part right, I'm not happy with her, I hate it here I want my aunt to get custody of me and she wants to get custody of me. Help me please. By the way I'm 13 I'll be 14 in a few months.

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