Is it okay for me to use Tag as my Social Media apps name? 9 Answers as of March 03, 2014

There is a social network called Tagged ( ) I am looking to start my own Social Media site, it will be Mobile only not Desktop used. I will have a Desktop site for it which has links to downloads and Information regarding it is all. But my question is, Is it okay for me to use "Tag" as my Social Media apps name? Would I get into any trouble from the Tagged Social Media site? My app "Tag" will be different from Tagged, but I wish to use the name "Tag" am I okay with using it, or would I get into any Legal trouble?

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Law Offices of Ronald A. Steinberg & Associates | Ronald A. Steinberg, BA, MA, JD
Because of the possible confusion, I think that you will be inviting a law suit. I suggest creating something completely different so as to stand out. Most law suits can be avoided by just thinking and planning in advance.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 3/3/2014
Paul Whitfield and Associates P.A.
Paul Whitfield and Associates P.A. | Paul L. Whitfield
Probably. Check with Secy of State and see if anyone has that name. see a good lawyer get you a lawyer who is a nerd. Most people don't know anything about the social network.
Answer Applies to: North Carolina
Replied: 2/18/2014
Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
If you going to start a business get ready to: (1) incorporate; and (2) spend money for legal advice.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 2/14/2014
Hugan Law | Christopher Hugan
Hard to say without diving deeper into the facts and applying principles of trademark law. In a nutshell, if "tagged" is subject to trademark protection (not all marks are), and your use of "tag" causes consumers to be confused about whether you are affiliated with, there might be a valid trademark infringement claim. I think you need to consult with a trademark lawyer before proceeding. No reason to spend time and money developing a mark that has an unreasonable risk of attack.
Answer Applies to: Tennessee
Replied: 2/14/2014
Peters Law, PLLC
Peters Law, PLLC | Mark T. Peters, Sr.
Yes, Tagged will be on you so fast that it will make your head spin and will probably claim, rightfully, service mark infringement.
Answer Applies to: Idaho
Replied: 2/14/2014
    Sebby Law Office
    Sebby Law Office | Jayne Sebby
    Potentially you could get into several problems but you haven't provided enough information to determine what specific types of trouble might arise. Perhaps more important is that users of your site are likely to get it confused with the Tagged site and go to that site. I'd look for a different name.
    Answer Applies to: Nebraska
    Replied: 2/14/2014
    Lawyer for Independent Media
    Lawyer for Independent Media | Sue Basko
    If you use the name Tag, you will most likely be violating the trademark of that other site, or of some other entity. There are over 3,000 registered U.S. trademarks that incorporate the word "tag." You are best off to develop a name that is original and all yours only, that can be registered as a trademark. If you would like help in developing and choosing a name and registering it as a trademark, I do that sort of work. A trademark on a piece of software is a valuable thing that can be used as loan collateral. A trademark makes a product worth so much more than a product that does not have one or more trademarks. It is well worth taking the time and money to properly name your product and register a trademark on it. This is one of the core facets that will entice investors, purchasers, and lenders.
    Answer Applies to: California
    Replied: 2/14/2014
    Law Office of James E. Smith
    Law Office of James E. Smith | James Smith
    Sounds like copyright infringement.
    Answer Applies to: Nevada
    Replied: 2/14/2014
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