Is it legal to be required to touch someone at my job? How? 2 Answers as of September 07, 2015

I work at a state correctional facility, I am a correctional officer. At the beginning of the shift, and, anytime entering the facility, all employees are required to undergo a visual and physical search of their person. In my case I am a male, so, another male officer is directed to "pat search" me which includes, running his gloved hands over all extremities then, from behind, place one hand between the legs to the front pant pocket, then drag the hand across the genitals to the opposite pocket. Then pushing the hand up under the genitals in the crotch and drag the hand straight back and up the buttocks. Not only am I required to undergo this procedure, but I am also required to administer this procedure if directed by my supervisor. If not I face disciplinary actions.

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It is part of your job to do pat down's and under go them. That is a term of your employment, so it is legal.
Answer Applies to: Mississippi
Replied: 9/7/2015
I know of nothing illegal here. Your remedy may be to quit the job. I suggest you consult with an attorney familiar with state prison requirements. I now nothing about this, and therefore can not give you a reliable answer.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 9/7/2015
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