Is it legal to ban me from the internet with cause? Posted on August 11, 2011

This is about a Internet service provider banning me from service for me not knowingly doing anything wrong, my minor son was on the internet playing on line game and this person or persons Dos him which to my understanding is illegal. Does means I think through the knowledge of a friend means Denial of services which the phone company said it was from our ip address. To what I don't understand,we don't even know what it means,they locked my computer and left a message on my phone to call them, told me at first I had a virus or been hacked. My son told them about this person who he had played on line 3 weeks earlier thought he might of dos him,because he lost internet for awhile, we told them the truth, prior to that, the day before, I had trouble and called their support line and the tec I talked to walked me through it, told me it was our router. so I got a new one and everything was fine until they locked my computer from the internet the following day and told me I could never get services through them again. Remind you I have been a loyal customer for many many years, No warning no nothing. They told me it shut there whole system down, which I have family who has the same provider and had their services..said it cost them 1000.00s to recover,,We did not know anything about this prior..and they said 3 weeks earlier it happened and she told me they thought it was a fluke...Their is no more internet providers in the area,I just don't think its right to shut our services down and to not warned us about this. We don't want too do anything to our internet provider. We just deserve our service back. I don't know what category this falls under so i just picked entertainment.

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