Is it legal for my landlord to rent to me without telling me the place is in foreclosure? Posted on June 20, 2011

I moved into my condo may 15th 2011. It was for a month and stated it could be renewed for a month-to-month rental afterwards with both parties having to give each other 30 days notice to move. On June 11th I told my landlord I wanted to renew and he told me he would but that the place is in the foreclosure process and he wants rent for any additional time I stay or he will evict me. I need more time to find a place but do not have the money to pay him all of the rent from June 15th to July 15th and have money to move into new place so quickly. What are my options and was it legal for him to rent to me without letting me know of the foreclosure? Today my landlord informed me that new renters will be moving in on July 2nd s he can rent out our beach condo for summer prices. But he originally told me he couldn't renew the lease because of the foreclosure process. Please help we are in the military and are new to the area.

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