Is it legal for my ex husband to keep my children away from me? Posted on July 18, 2011

In May of this year I allowed my sister in law permission to take my small children to the zoo. She picked them up on Thursday evening to take them early Friday.Later that afternoon after repeat unanswered calls I finally received a call back. She finally called me back and described the children were inside the zoo with her husband having their faces painted. She informed me that she left her phone in the car so she didnt have to carry purse all day. Later that day she called me up in a panic yelling and crying and screaming at her brother who I am seperated from. She was yelling, please dont take them Jeff, their mother is a good mother, she has waited for them all day, please dont do this!" She informed me that he had taken them and that she would try her damndest to find them. Then she said she had a good idea that he may have fled to lexington ky with them. I later found out that their was never a zoo trip. The entire day had been an act all the down to the yelling and begging. Is their anything that I can do about this. This woman went to school to be a paralegal and its appalling to me that she would go to those lengths with my children. I was not keeping my children from their father. Since then I have gained custody of my children. But would like to know if this kind of offense can be gone unpunished. Very scary thought to me that she may be able to get away with this. Especially having gone to school to be a paralegal.

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