Is it legal for my doctor to bill me for procedures that I did not request? Posted on July 21, 2011

I have been going to a pain specialist for a few visits now (4) upon my neurologist's referral. I didn't think they would be able to help much as I need more surgery and told them upfront that I will not take narcotics as I am a single mother not to mention I have a family history of alcohol and drug abuse. They wanted to try other pills that "could" help nerve pain. One was anti-depressants and another an anti-seizure. I unfortunately, am unable to take either of those due to horrendous side effects. I have tried many in the past to help with my bouncing thyroid. PT and steroid epidural also did not help. This last visit, the doctor said that I was not "interested" in pain relief due to my turning down those three different options so that he can not put me out of work on STD as he is not really "treating" me..just advising me. Yesterday I get a bill that states that he did 10 drug screens on my third visit totaling $790. My portion is not that large; however, I feel as though he did not have a right to do this test without my knowledge or consent as it is not a part of my plan of care, since there really was none. He was not prescribing me narcotics nor planning on it. We know my problems reside with my cervical spine so not looking for a diagnosis that could be caused by drug side effects. It was not justifiable to test me and expect me to pay for it. I am sure it is not illegal for him to do this; however, he does not have my blank checkbook to do with as he pleases. Can I fight this bill?

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