Is it legal for my boss to require a doctor note for my injury? Posted on January 30, 2011

I live in Ohio. I am a 10 year gout sufferer, I sometimes have gout flare ups that literally cripple me and prevent me from walking. I had such a flare up today, sunday 01/30/11, and had to call in sick to work. I have only had 1 other occasion in my life where I have had such a bad flare up that it required me to miss work, and I have only had to call in sick at my current job 4 times in 3 years. However my general manager told me that because he could find some to replace me today that I needed to bring in a doctor's excuse my shift tomorrow, Monday, at 10:30 a.m. or face punishment.

I do not have medical insurance. It is Sunday and doctor's offices are closed and I simply cannot afford to go to the emergency room without insurance just to get a doctors note. I owe several hospitals and urgent care facilities money and they require payment in full before they will treat me. My general manager knows this.

It is not a policy for employees to be required to have doctor's notes when calling in sick. No other employee have ever been asked to bring in doctor's notes in the past. I believe he is simply requiring me to bring in a doctor's note that he knows is unobtainable so he can have an excuse to fire me. Is it legal to suddenly out of the blue require a doctor's note for one employee and not another? Is this type of entrapment legal? What are my options?

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