Is it legal for an ambulance to force a family member to go in the car? Posted on July 22, 2011

My fiance's mother passed away on June 12. 911 was called and an ambulance arrived. My Fiance and another family member were crying excessively and having a panic attack because of the event that just transpired. The EMTs then wanted to bring my Fiance and the other family member to the hospital. The other family member said "ok" but my fiance refused and said she had no insurance and did not want to go. The EMTs said that they were going to take her anyway because they were already there. Then then forced her into the ambulance (she is very petite and was too mentally exhausted to put up physical resistance). When she got to the hospital (Wyckoff Heights Medical Center) she still said that she did not want to be there and to let her leave. At that point they said that she had not seen a doctor yet and she could "just go". She received a bill for $1000 for the ambulance ride and was given 30 days from July 15th to pay ( did not receive bill till 21st). Does she have the right to refuse the bill? Can they legally force her into the ambulance against her will? Is that some sort of false imprisonment? She has about half a dozen witnesses that confirmed that she said she did not want to go. I know at some point they got her information but I am not sure how exactly at this time. Thank you for your time.

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