Is it legal for an adult to hide a criminal record with two identities? Posted on August 03, 2011

If a child is adopted as an infant, then the adoptive parents give the child back to the birth mother and her and her current husband re-adopt the child, changing his it legal as that child, once he becomes an adult, to continue using both identities? For example (1st adoption, child's name is legally changed to John Smith; 2nd adoption when given back to the biological mother, child's name is changed legally to John Doe). The child's legal name is John Doe, but he's been using both identities (birth certificates and social security numbers) to obtain work, hide criminal record under the legal name of John Doe, so he refers back to John Smith which he applies for credit cards under, purchases assets, signs rental agreements, etc. He lives as two completely different persons, yet he is the only person that has ever had legal right to either of those identities at different times in his life. Please help...

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