Is it lawful to be terminated from a job for a not at fault accident? Posted on July 19, 2011

I was terminated from a trucking company I drove for because of an accident I was involved in. I was traveling along a Tennessee state highway approaching an intersection where there was no electrical power to the traffic light. I knew I had the right of way, but the woman that pulled out in front of me did not. The officer that arrived cited me for "due care" stating when traffic lights are out it becomes a four way stop. This is not true on a state highway. In Tennessee its statute 55-8-130 through highway. I went to court in the city accident took place and the judge felt the same way and dismissed the citation. The company fired me for a preventable accident (which was never true) and stated this info on DAC records. (The records all potential professional driver hiring companies review) preventing me from gaining employment in my profession. Who and how do I go after compensation for my losses?

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