Is it a law that you cant buy cigarettes if a minor is with you? Posted on August 07, 2011

I went to buy a pack of primetimes at a gas station last night, a usual thing for me, and was asked for ID as usual. After I showed the cashier my ID she turned to my friend waiting behind me and asked for her ID, I stated that she was 17 and the primetimes were for me not her. The cashier then told me she couldn't sell me the primetimes as the law said I couldn't buy them when I was with a minor. This confused me, because I have bought my primetimes many times before around a few of my friends who are still minors and never had this situation before. I also as a child went with my mother or other adults on errands and was present while they bought alcohol or other 18 and up products. So is this truly a law??

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