Is it illegal to film someone without their consent? 1 Answers as of July 01, 2015

I'm filming a prank video for YouTube. Could be in stores or just in the city. Can I be sued?

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Youtube does not allow any video that shows any person unless you have their permission. Youtube will remove the video at that person's request. As to making the video, you cannot legally shoot video in a store with the permission of the store and the store must notify shoppers. A store is not going to give you permission to video in their store. As to on the street, shooting most home video is legal, though to show it anywhere, you must get permission of those in the video. However, if you are shooting a prank show or video on the streets, you most likely need a Film Permit and insurance. This depends on what city or county you live in. Most cities require this. When you use the word prank video, all sorts of dangers and incidents pop into mind. TV shows that stage pranks have permits, lots of insurance, and are often mostly staged. They also get signed contracts from all the participants, many of them after they have been pranked. Despite all I have written, there are plenty of people making prank videos and putting them on Youtube. You asked about what is legal. Just be aware that if anyone should be injured or hurt if you film illegally, you will be sued and possibly face criminal charges. Also, don't put video of anyone on Youtube unless you have their written consent.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 7/1/2015
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